Scarlett is One-derful

Scarlett Sofia is One-derful

Scarlett 1 Year Old-9

My one desire is that when you grow up and read this letter, your Daddy and I will have raised you well.  We are forever grateful to God for allowing us to raise you, for allowing us to enjoy you for this past year, and for forming your beautiful soul. You made us a family of four 🙂  A year has passed and I’m still as in awe of you as the day you took your first breath. You are bold, bright, fearless, sassy, sweet, shy, and stunning. You’ve wooed us all, even big sis. Your Daddy and I call you “stink pot”.  I swore I would never tell you that, but I just did 🙂

Today on your first birthday you are walking, sometimes running when you get excited, and eating with those 6 little teeth.  You learned to push doors and open drawers, and I learned that nothing could ever get in your way.  You’re surely on a mission.  You eat everything in the house right now, and smack the table when you want more.  Your laugh is contagious and you’re truly a beautiful soul.  There is so much about you that is already so unique and special.

You amaze me at each and every turn, and the bond between you and your big sister is something I never could have imagined and it takes my breath away.  Daisy continues to be your favorite person – the one you look for when you first wake up, the one who makes you laugh the most.  It is my greatest hope that this bond will last a lifetime, through difficult years, possible distance, careers, marriage and children – whatever life throws your way as you grow up, may you never grow apart.

On the occasion of your first birthday, I would like to impart to you some advice that you won’t understand for quite some time.

Always put God first.  Before any man, before mommy, or daddy, or anyone.  HE comes first.  I pray that you will always draw close to Him – the same way that you draw close to mommy and daddy whenever you are tired or sick.  God will give you rest, He will protect you and most importantly – He will always love you.  He is the only One who could possibly love you more than I do, and that’s a big love.

Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you.  Begin to walk in His Spirit daily and your beautiful story will begin to be written.

This is a big one so pay attention…  I want you to keep searching until you find the man who loves you like your daddy loves me.  Observe the way your Daddy takes care of me, talks to me and brightens my day.

Don’t get caught up in other people’s lives’ and in judgment and gossip.  Always be ready and eager to help and encourage.  Enjoy and live your life to the fullest and use those incredible gifts you have been given!

Understand the value of contentment and use it the rest of your life.  Without contentment and gratitude, life will always leave you empty and broken.  Always see the blessing and the lesson in things.  Be grateful every day of your life.  Have gratitude when things go your way, and even when they don’t.  There is an opportunity to grow and learn from everything that is in your path.  If you can go through life with gratitude, humility and positivity, you will see miracles every day.

I look forward to watching you grow this next year – seeing more and more of your personality emerge, watching the bond between you and your sister grow and discovering your talents, abilities and likes. You are an absolute treasure and complete our little family.  I cannot imagine life without you and am blessed to have such a wonderful life with you!  I hope you always know just how much you are loved, and we are all proud of you.  I love you so much that I get emotional even thinking about it!  Thank you for making us the happiest Mama and Dada in the world.

Happy 1st Birthday Scarlett Girl!

Love, Mama

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Scarlett Sofia is One-derful

Scarlett Sofia is One-derful