Interview with WHIO TV on How to be Debt Free by 30


Income is a shovel and debt is a hole that you are down in. Some people have bigger incomes and bigger shovels and some people have bigger debts and a bigger hole. The point is don’t look at the size of your shovel or the hole that you are down in, just start digging

We were interviewed on June 6th, 2016 by Rachel Murray of WHIO TV.  Channel 7 has a segment on consumer reports and shopping, etc… Well Rachel got wind of our crazy story and decided to share it with our local city of Dayton, OH.

Here is the segment that aired on TV, and then below is a link to the article that she wrote about us.  Thanks to Rachel Murray for doing such a great job and spreading this hope of financial freedom!

News Article on WHIO TV

News Article on WHIO TV