Daisy is Our 3 Year Beauty

Daisy is Our 3 Year Beauty


Our Dearest Daisy,

At your first birthday, I started writing letters to you. Daddy and I vowed to write you a letter on every birthday and present it to you on your 18th Birthday. Each year it’s like we have more to say to you as you grow older and your sweet personality develops. You’re a hurricane of joyous emotions!

So, you are 3 today & this year has been pure sunshine with you! As I type this letter you are over by the ruler measuring to see how tall you’ve grown. Almost every day we marvel at how much bigger you have gotten. She looks taller. Look at how big she is. These are the things Daddy and I say — over and over again.

I love that you’re 3.  This might just be my favorite age and it’s the first year that you know it’s YOUR birthday.  Half of me is so excited for things to come & all the exciting things you have ahead of you but the other half just wants to press pause for just a while, to hold your little hand in mine for just a little while longer & look into your big eyes whilst you tell me I’m your best friend.

You are so polite.  You say please, thank you. You recently told us that Jesus Lives in your heart.  He sure does Baby girl! You are a fish! You love the water as much as Daddy and I do so we’re pretty excited about that. You count to 10, to 20. You know your name starts with a “D” and “S” for Scarlett. You climb the rock climbing wall at the playground when mommy says you’re too little for that. You tell me about your adventures and the adventures you have with Mamaw and Papaw. You choose your own bedtime books. And you sleep in your big-girl bed. You will understand this when your older, but Daisy girl your debt free and I pray that you never know this thing called “debt”  Your college fund is growing and we’re looking forward to all the plans God lays before you.  As of now you want to be a doctor and boy are you a good one.  We all have checkups every day.  Daddy got a new chair for the deck and it’s perfect for all your checkups  You are the best big sister to Scarlett & we are SO proud of how loving you are to her. You are her favorite person. There is such a special bond with you two so quickly.

Over the past year you also went to you first daycare (Only for 3 months) & met lots of lovely little friends and you became quite fond of Ms. Russell and Ms. Katie. This was the year you were potty trained!! You picked it up quickly and I couldn’t be more proud of you!  We made a lot of memories at the park, Kings Island, swimming and many trips to the library.  You love the library!

Since you’ve come into my life, I have to say your “I love you mommy’s” and the way you throw your tiny arms around my neck just makes me melt.  You give the best hugs! Your need for affirmation and affection reminds me of myself. You can’t let a day go by without telling me you love me twenty times. You’ve taught me so many lessons in just three short years. A major one is how God sees me and my worth and value. When you were born I recognized it, and as I watch you grow, I recognize how precious you are and how fearfully and wonderfully God made you. I see your innocence, and I want to protect it. I want you to always know your worth and value and never settle for anything less than God’s best. You are precious. This is something that God’s been trying to tell me for years. Being your mother has finally made me “get it.” The way I see you is how God sees me. It’s been a wonderful lesson to learn through you.

On your 3rd birthday, I want you to know that you are a Child of the King.  He chose us to raise you and most importantly he wants us to introduce you to the greatest love you will ever know. He has prepared us and continually teaching us to be great parents.  We may fail daily, but I want you to know our God never fails us. As I tell you every morning, God is with you. He has great things in store for you. Eyes have not seen, nor ears have heard, what God has planned for those who love Him. Always keep God first. He loves you, and mommy and daddy loves you.

Thank you for 3 of the best years of our life. We are so proud & honored to call you our daughter.


Our dear friend Jess has taken both my girls’ pictures since birth and they are the most special memories that I will hang onto forever.  She’s an incredible wedding photographer, so if you’re getting married be sure to check her out (jessmaslyn.com)

Three Year Beauty

Three Year Beauty