HI there, I’m farrah

Welcome to Where Love Takes Us.  A personal diary of traveling, day to day adventures and ultimately where our creator is taking us!

I’m Farrah Nicole, 29 years old from the great state of Ohio and married to my best friend! I’m the wife to AskDrewHow and the momma to Daisy Nicole and Scarlett Sofia.  Ever since we said, “I Do” it’s been a whirlwind of different cities and countries we have been to. I started this site to document our life as explorers both in our backyard and abroad, and to share the journey that love brings. Traveling was always a hobby for me, but it now has become a passion. Traveling is an open door to different places, people, culture, and varieties of food. Traveling has built an appreciation for God’s astounding creation, positivity, and thankfulness for what I have in life.

I hope you will come along and enjoy this journey with us… and be inspired.